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Pay It Forward with Natasha-Dawn Ni Leighn

Episode Summary

My guest this week is so inspiring. Natasha is the founder of Dandelion Weatherstone Limited and only took the plunge to start her own business last year and what a journey she has had so far. If you would like to support Natasha and the amazing things she does then you can sponsor a pair of knickers. The story and inspiration behind her business is shared in the podcast. This is how Natasha describes herself. Natasha-Dawn Ni Leighn (Ash) Single mum, dog owner, size 20 swimming enthusiast, Managing Director and a working class vegan Fashion Designer

Episode Notes

To get in touch with Natasha head to her website and see the great work she is doing.

FB/IG dandelionweatherstone

Twitter @ltd_dandelion

Tel / WhatsApp +447974083498


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