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Pay It Forward with Michelle Kehoe

Episode Summary

My special Pay It Forward guest this week is Michelle Kehoe who is the founder of http://www.leaforganics.uk. After working in the UK CBD industry for a number of years, Michelle became passionate about the powerful benefits of CBD and how it could help with a number of health conditions. As an elite athlete, Michelle’s interest in CBD was taken to new levels when she turned to the organic product for her own personal wellbeing. In this episode Michelle shares how she helps people, her favourite business books and thanks 2 people who have helped her on her journey.

Episode Notes

Michelle Kehoe is a wife, mum, business owner, is fanatical about her health and fitness and is always up for a physical challenge, such as ‘Spartan Races’ and ‘Tough Mudder’.

Michelle’s background as a qualified personal trainer and a sales and marketing professional, combined with her fascination with how the mind and body works. Her passion for nutrition and fitness gave her the confidence and belief to set up her own business, Leaf Organics.

Health and fitness is in her DNA and her depth of knowledge about the CBD industry is incredible.

My goal is simple: ‘I want to spread the word about these amazing products as I have seen positive physical and/or mental changes in people (including myself) using CBD products’.

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Tel 0161 519 5557






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Website:  https://2summitup-pay-it-forward.simplecast.com/

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