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Pay It Forward with Margaret Bell

Episode Summary

My guest this week is Margaret Bell who is a Transformational Health Coach and also an author of a book. Margaret shares her inspirational story about how her own personal journey led her to starting her business. Her passion for helping others who struggle with emotional eating is very clear. Margaret pays it forward to Melanie Lomas who is a business coach. Margaret's BIO I am the owner and founder of Naturally Empowered Health and a Transformational Health Coach. I specialise in coaching women who struggle with emotional eating, diets and body image. Through coaching we really get to the root of issues with food, move away from the diet mentality and build a positive respect for food and your body, with the biproduct of weight loss.

Episode Notes

My guests contact details

Book details - Hard copy https://www.naturallyempoweredhealth.com/true-taste-book

e-book http://ow.ly/unMR50DahgE

LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/emotionaleatingcoach

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/emotionaleatingsupportuk

Website www.nehhub.com

Facebook Business Page https://www.facebook.com/NaturallyEmpoweredHealth


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Podcast Website:  https://2summitup-pay-it-forward.simplecast.com/

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