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Pay It Forward with Kerry Swift

Episode Summary

My Pay It Forward guest this week is Kerry Swift the owner of Beam Recruit. Kerry shares her story of coming out of the employed world and starting her own business and gives some great advice to anyone looking to take the leap.

Episode Notes

Where can you find Kerry?



Website - https://beamrecruit.co.uk/

Twitter - Beamrecruit

Host Info

Elaine Atherton is a sales coach who helps small business owners find  the missing pieces of their sales puzzle.

'There is so much more to a sale than the final transaction'

Check out easy access podcast sales coaching for small businesses. Finding the pieces of your sales puzzle is so important to create the right foundations for your business. 

We've got it covered in here - it's in bite-size pieces and allows you to work at your own pace and refer back to each session as often as you want to.


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