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Pay It Forward with Jules Hawkins

Episode Summary

My guest this week is Jules Hawkins. Jules has such a powerful and inspirational story and is driven by many factors in her life. Many would dream of creating a product that there is a gap in the market for which came from Jules needing something that wasn't available. Jules then went on to start a business network for single mums at the start of 2019.

Episode Notes

Jules is the Director of KIH Products and Founder of the Single Mums Business Network.

Multi-Award-Winning Business Woman and Visionary.  Jules is also co-organiser of Find Your Power Event 2021 and Author of Finding Happiness and Freeing Your Spirit.  

You can find Jules on


Website - www.singlemumsbusinessnetwork.com

Telephone - 01452 471819

You can find your host Elaine Atherton who is a sales coach to small business owners on



M - 07871115259