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Pay It Forward with Sue Doyle

Episode Summary

My special guest is Sue Doyle from Simply Organised Life.. After many years in sales Sue decided a year ago to start her own business. Sue clearly loves what she does which is helping people organise their life in many different ways.

Episode Notes

A bit about Sue..

'I live in Leeds and I have three children aged 9 to 21, two dogs and a husband. Yes, chaos most of the time.

Looking back on my working life I’ve come to realise that the constant throughout is helping and supporting people, from my time in the hotel/leisure industry through to many years in the direct selling space. 

My joy comes from working with people and helping them experience their own successes, whatever they define success as.

I’ve always been searching for my ‘happy” and for me during times of anxiety and being completely overwhelmed by life – decluttering and organising has been my go to happy place so, about a year ago I made the decision to create a business sharing my happy and Simply Organised Life was born.'


FB – https://www.facebook.com/SueSimplyorganisedlife

Website - www.simplyorganisedlife.com

LI - www.linkedin.com/in/sue-doyle-b1a8491b

Website:  https://2summitup-pay-it-forward.simplecast.com/


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Elaine Atherton Sales Coach Founder of 2SummitUP

Most of us start our own business because we either saw a gap in the market, we are an expert in our field or we are passionate about helping people.

There are a lot of ‘Accidental Sales People’, I started as one myself and still managed to build a business turning over £4 million a year from the investment of £130 by following a structured process – all my programmes give you a step by step guide with defined actions to get your business moving.

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'There is so much more to a sale than the final transaction'