2SummitUP - Pay It Forward

I'm Elaine Atherton, I'm a sales & accountability coach and my podcast gives small business owners the opportunity to share the person behind their business, why they started it and how they help people and the difference they make.

When people talk about what they love doing their enthusiasm shines through - I get to capture that in their podcast.

In a fast based world we often forget to take time out and 'Pay It Forward' and thank the people who have helped us on our journey.

I give my guests the opportunity to Pay It Forward and give a shout out to their supporters.

For me I wanted to give small business owners a time to shine and share their experiences with other small business owners.

We all need some support and encouragement along the way.

I get to help small business owners find the missing pieces of their sales puzzle and love to help people find their lightbulb moments.

You can find out more about me and my journey on



and I'm actually in the hot seat myself and being asked my own questions in episode 26 - which was interesting haha.